Sue Anne! You’ve got some Spaining to do! Day 90, I Freaking Did It


Let’s get this out of the way, Spain:  Caught a cold, got my wifi pick pocketed, lost my voice, bed bugs, pink eye, caught another cold, acquired a stalker.  Also, living in a residency, you’re basically living for a significant period of time with a bunch of strangers.  Every time I meet my new housemates my internal voice is always chanting, “Please be cool, please be cool, please be cool…”  I only had an 85% success rate with this method this time but you know what?  I freaking did it.  Including a few random pics from my last few days!

Really wonderful things happened here too.

Amazing donuts.  I never went back for one.  Whine.

  • I saw the Prado and Reina Sofia
  • I ate tons of great and not so great sweets
  • Met two truly interesting New Zealanders
  • Made friends in Seville
  • Got to see my former residency-mate from Japan in Seville, many times
  • Witnessed the mind blowing Semana Santa madness
  • Had a great show in Seville
  • Experienced Granada
  • Ate great Moroccan food
  • Saw most of the Alhambra
  • Enjoyed a hammam
  • Was blown away by a flamenco show
  • Learned some Spanish and enjoyed struggling to communicate with the locals
  • Pushed out of my comfort zone by teaching a new way
  • Met a fabulous educational designer
  • Made friends in Barcelona
  • Made lots of art
  • Survived all of the public transportation
  • Relaxed in Torelles de Foix
  • Went on wonderful walks
  • Learned new recipes from a new cuisine
  • Hiked on Montserrat
  • Had a great show in Barcelona, really great, the best

A “clara.”  Bottled though – not as good.  Normally it’s mixed for you with half beer, half lemonade.  I don’t really like most beer so this is perfect for me.

And here are the things that will forever remind me of Spain: prosciutto, olives, olive oil, small edible fishes, garbanzo beans, marmalade, wine, flamenco, vineyards, mint green nail polish, public displays of affection, poppies, sky pork, claras, Desigual, holy week, fried fish, tagines, baklava, moroccan anything, mint tea, hammams.

My last meal from restaurant Km0.

I hiked. I don’t like hiking, but who could avoid going to see these crazy beautiful mountains?  (From Montserrat.  Montserrat is SO inspirational to Spaniards that they name their children “Montse.”  I met at least 6 Montses.)

Three months, Ryder and I have decided, is too long to be apart from each other.  I know I missed him like crazy, and even though he is a confirmed robot from a respected family of robots, he told me he missed me like crazy too.  If a robot is expressing emotions then it had to be pretty rough on him.  Actually, it’s always the most difficult on the person who is left behind.  The person who leaves is going on great adventures with new experiences awaiting at every corner.  The person left behind continues the daily slog with a spouse-shaped hole in their lives.  Video games and cat love can only fill so much of that hole.  Marrying Ryder was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.  I’m so glad to be home with him and look forward to regaining our intimacy.

A spring roll made by Iris at the residency.  She’s inspired me to put a little more effort into making food beautiful!

Also my dad has strictly forbidden any more residencies.  I’m good with that for about a year at least!

Thanks for reading another round of blogs!

Adios Espana!




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