Sue Anne! You’ve got some Spaining to do! Day 87, 2nd Art Show

Welp.  I feel great.  It only took a full day of rest after a full day of art show install at Estudio Nomada!  The night before the show, knowing that one piece alone would put 100 holes in the wall, I had hours of anxiety filled dreams.  In one I couldn’t breathe and in another I had aged considerably and had grass growing out of my scalp. 

A view from the outside.  Photo Credit: Ayla de Grebber

Because of the work I had done in my previous residency I had plenty to fill the gallery in Barcelona.  Arnout Krediet (the grand overseer of all things residency and art school related) and I discussed having the students help me install and in the process, learn a thing or two about hanging an art show.  They helped me a lot and they learned a lot.  I’m so grateful for them… because with their help I just barely managed to put the finishing touches on the show right before it opened.  From the moment the show was given the green light to its install date was only one week so there was little time to advertise.  Regardless, there were lots of smiles and humbling compliments from patrons who attended!  Enough talk.  Here’s the work.

The guardians at the entrance of the show.  Cloak for Privacy in a Rose Garden and Cloak for Privacy in a Dry Field.

Cloaks in the foreground, Floral Listening Devices on the pedestal, and Cam 1 on the wall in the 3×4 grid.  Cam 1 is white ink linocut prints on white paper.

Fellow resident, Raymond Gaston, chilling in a privacy cloak.  Can you tell he’s from California?  Photo Credit: Ayla de Grebber

Black on black prints on the wall = Surveillance.  The images are of different cameras with some text on the pages.  25 of these pieces have red flashing lights peeking through a hole on the paper as if they were recording.

People in the gallery.  Photo Credit: Ayla de Grebber

Finally, a good pic of the black on blacks.  Photo Credit: Ayla de Grebber

Great angle.  Photo Credit: Ayla de Grebber

Drawings of the cloaks in the center, Cam 1 to the right, and Hoods for Daily Privacy and Fan to the left on the pedestal.

Cam 2.

Daily privacy hoods and Fan for Cooling and Privacy.  Photo Credit: Ayla de Grebber

Me!  Wearing/holding my work.  Photo Credit: Ayla de Grebber

Same!  (With flash in a dark bathroom.)  Photo Credit: Ayla de Grebber

Enjoying talking to some patrons.  Photo Credit: Ayla de Grebber

I’m planning to show this work and the work I did in my previous two residencies when I’m back stateside.  If you’re interested in giving me a show please contact me!  Thanks for reading.

¡Otro espectáculo exitoso en mi haber!



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