Sue Anne! You’ve got some Spaining to do! Day 42, My Art Show

Had a great show in Seville.  It was quick and dirty!  I only had three weeks in the AIRgentum Residency but I came prepared with the work I wanted to make.  Martina pulled several strings to make the show happen and my lovely residency mates helped me install the show with literally only 45 minutes.  It was intimate with 18 locals attending including my sweet friend that I met at the residency in Japan, Raquel.  The gallery attenders had lovely questions and comments, and in the end, I feel very thankful for the experience.

A VERY special thanks to Michael O’Hanlon for taking the photos of the event.

Cloak for Privacy in a Dry Field installed on the wall.

Drawing of Cloak for Privacy in a Dry Field.

Patron gleefully wearing Cloak for Privacy in a Dry Field.  She was pretty funny.

Cloak for Privacy in a Rose Garden installed on the wall.

Drawing of Cloak for Privacy in a Rose Garden.

Me wearing Cloak for Privacy in a Rose Garden while Martina talks about my work in Spanish.

Me preparing to shimmy into my Faraday Uchikatsugi.

Faraday Uchikatsugi with no flash.

Faraday Uchikatsugi with flash.

Me posing with Floral Listening Device for Hair.

A closeup of Floral Listening Device for Hair.  I didn’t get to tell you about these before.  I made bamboo structures for these lily-type flowers and covered them in red washi paper.  Coming from the pointed end is a coiled earpiece that you usually see security guards wear.  These were fashioned after the old timey ear trumpets made to help people hear better.  The idea is that you could wear one in your hair without calling attention to yourself while listening in on private conversations.  Prototype.

A patron happily wearing Hood for Daily Privacy with Hat and Glasses.  The audience was delightfully interactive.

Same patron plus a friend wearing another Hood for Daily Privacy with Hat and Glasses and holding Fan for Cooling and Privacy.

This is a meta picture that Michael O’Hanlon took of Maria Kim taking a picture of Raquel and I.  Maria was being funny and snapping pics as she got closer and closer to Raquel and I, eventually making us truly laugh.

Gracias Martina, estoy muy agradecido,


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