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Sue Anne! You’ve got some Spaining to do! Day 39, Spanish Weird Stuff

Sorry I’ve been so quiet guys!  I’m working on a couple of long posts for you and long posts take long.  Long.  Here’s some weird stuff and cool stuff while we wait for a long post.  Weird stuff first!

For your safety, when watching a Semana Santa procession, do not sit on any X’s.

I wonder how amazing everything is this store is?

Speaking of friking amazing, look at all of these olives!  The Spanish are pretty crazy about their olives.  I kinda am too.  Olives are served with tapas and served gratis when ordering an alcoholic beverage!  I stopped to take this picture and an old Spanish man laughed at me.  I am 100% ok with that.

Shirt at a touristy shop but it’s funny and I loved it.

A… successful cross-species grafting?

Right.  So… what exactly is this man doing to this goat?  You know what makes me barf up water?  Raw squid.

I heart moustache papi.  (shudder)

Butt pads.

“Hueeeerrrrrrgh!” is what I imagine he’s saying.

Cool stuff!

Instead of swallowing your mail, this much more pleasingly rendered lion is barfing water at you.  He’s kinda got a 1000 yard stare from being dehydrated.  Know what makes a lion barf water?  Uncomfortably close naked men standing behind you.

You may know that I now suffer a ramen affliction after eating ramen in Japan, meaning that every moment I am not putting ramen in my face I am suffering.  I’d be surprised if you didn’t know that I am also affected by that virus that makes you love cats.  I’ve now found that there’s a whole “thing” with cats and ramen.  I have a cat/ramen sticker on my computer from this friking cool a.f. place: Big Sumo.  Also, if you need a sticker of a whale bus or a soy sauce dinosaur, this is your place.

Fun graffiti.

I did not know that Granada is Spanish for pomegranate.  That certainly explains all of the pomegranates I saw all over Granada.  These are their pylons.

Cistern of the cat.  Cryptic, as I actually saw no cisterns nearby.

I did see this opposite the cistern sign though.  Dos gatos.

Not pictured here, because sometimes I’m a dope and I miss out on a good picture, is Cafe 4 Gatos.  It was pretty close to the previous gato locations.  I ate there for breakfast one day and it was great.  Earlier I had walked past the place and I kid you not, there was an actual wizened old elf sitting in front of the cafe.  I really wanted a picture of him but it felt rude to ask so he’s burned into my memory.  He was wearing green clothes, round black rimmed glasses, and a pointy hat.  Totally not kidding.  He had a white beard also.  He was talking to a hippie chick.  Maybe he was granting her wish for more patchouli in her life or to give her permanently purple pit hair.  Do elves grant wishes?  I so totally don’t care.

Know what’s better than 4 cats?  7 cats.  Granada loves them some cats.  Perhaps this is another reason I loved the city so much.

Alllllll over Granada in the narrow winding streets/footpaths are these stone mosaics.  Beauty everywhere, even underfoot.

Anyway, quick filler for you while I work away on other things!  Much love.

La camisa que acabas de comprar tiene pelotas de caballo.


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