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Sue Anne! You’ve got some Spaining to do! Day 26, My Art

Jeez has it really been 26 days already?  That feels like a long time and I’m already desperately missing my cats, husband, and car.

Working on the subject of privacy again.  This time it’s wearables.  Each piece is pretty different, so I don’t have the factory-like set up like I did for the previous body of work.  This stuff is relying mostly on sewing and all the stitching I’m doing here is by hand.  This is totally ok.  I love those mindless repetitive projects, remember?  I did some sewing on my machine at home for some pieces that I anticipated doing here and boy am I glad I did that!

First, here’s these two weirdo pieces.  I think of them as pretty ghillie suits.  I thought they were a bit cheesy when I was working on them but I LOVE the results when a person is wearing one in the right setting.  Need to see what happens in the wrong setting too.

Cloak for Privacy in a Rose Garden. Fabric, fake flowers. 2018

Cloak for Privacy in a Dry Field. Fabric, fake flowers. 2018

Did a few sketches of the pieces when I got stuck in Seville.  Developed those into larger drawings.

A small preliminary sketch.

Small sketch next to a large piece in progress.

Hmmm.  Maybe this needs more flowers.

This is a prototype piece that has the potential to block your gps signal on your phone, making your path of travel untraceable. In addition your face is blocked from prying eyes and security cameras, and the retroreflective fabric will ruin flash photography. The Japanese uchikatsugi, on which this piece is based, is an Edo period traveling cloak made to protect noble womens’ privacy.

This is made of of very expensive faraday fabric.  I can wrap my phone in one layer of it and watch it go from bars to no service.  Somehow, in the making of this piece, there are leaks that allow a signal to get through, much to my wallet’s disappointment.  I still like it though.

Faraday Uchikatsugi. Hat, faraday fabric, retroreflective fabric, elastic. 2018

Remember my colorful reflective tape on my Uchiwa in Japan?  This time I have a retroreflective tape from 3M.  I like it a lot.  Seen here without and with flash!  Flash makes a big difference huh?!

Oh yeah – Spain also has a thing for fans.  I’m working on a fan post too.  And I couldn’t help myself either, I had to play with making a fan again.  I went ahead and just bought a blank one to embellish.  For all you poor sweet kids who can’t read cursive, this says, “HAHA OMG you can’t read cursive LOL!”

Also I like how it looks folded up.  Took the pic with flash so you can see how it lights up.

That’s all I have for now.  I’m working on some flowers that you put in your hair that will become listening devices.  Art show coming up on the 5th!  “Privacy Where?”

Apuesto a que esos tipos que llevan esa cosa están sudorosos,


PS.  The eagles are regular.  Will update if anything changes.

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