“Intelligence”: Vinyl Cutter Open for Business

…sort of. I’ll be willing to cut stuff for you after my art show. I just wanted to show you my new toy. Well, mine and Ryder’s. We’re sharing the cost because damn, a 53″ vinyl cutter is not cheap. Why do I have a vinyl cutter? It’s for a nearly invisible set of art pieces I plan to do on all 4 walls of the gallery for my Intelligence show. I don’t want to give too much away but…

The two main parts of the show will involve a walk-in faraday cage in the center of the gallery and hidden artwork on the walls. Many of the pieces on the wall will be text based and I’m a stickler for perfection so I figured I could use a vinyl cutter to make templates through which I can apply a very special paint on the wall. But I just stumbled upon a very expensive, very special vinyl that has the same magical qualities that the paint does. It will save me quite a bit of hassle if it works but this vinyl is more expensive than the vinyl cutter. I can either choke on reflective powder or choke on a price tag. OOOH! But I’ve said too much already. Here – look at how big this freaking vinyl cutter is!

Me after putting this freaking thing together wrong and putting it back together at least 218 times.

Once I get it working I plan to give my vinyl cutter a 40 hour a week job plus overtime. Pray that I have no technical issues before the show opens on February 19. So… unusually short post but I need to get back to tinkering with the cutter. I’m going to have to give my vinyl cutter a name since it’s basically my new employee. Any suggestions? I’m leaning towards Lionel Snippy.

Love and privacy, ~S

PS. Are you an oversharer on social media? CUT THAT SHIT OUT!

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