“Intelligence”: Another Privacy Related Art Show!

Hey all! I’ve been hibernating! But I’m back just in time for the COLD WEATHER! I would never survive in the wild. Still, I’m here gearing up for my next privacy/data collection-related art show opening in February!

I got a solo show dumped in my lap about a month ago. It sat there for awhile, like an evil baby, staring at me, pulling my hair, and occasionally screaming and crying and disrupting my sleep. Can’t forget that there was an ever-present threat of wetness and stank too. I envision that kids are like this pretty much the entire time they are under your roof, which is why I’ve chosen to spend 18-21 years at a time raising an occasional cat or two instead.  Uh huh.  TELL ME I’M WRONG, PARENTS!

I had so many other things demanding my attention at the end of the Fall semester that my focus was scattered but at least ideas were incubating. So now I’m diving in and it’s… still an evil baby in my lap doing evil things.  GAH.  I guess this is my life until February 19. I forgot to mention that I only got about three months lead time. Oh hey! Let’s throw a fun-filled holiday in there so that you’re traveling and smiling at family and friends and eating all of their caloric food until your distended belly causes you to make involuntary noises every time you shift positions instead of working on a show that you now have a month and a half to pull out of your ass. Also have you seen the gallery? It’s a huge cube and very intimidating to fill by yourself with even six months lead time.

But I agreed to it because there’s nothing like the pressure of an art show to get me up and out of the Sue Anne shaped cavern embossed deeply into the couch. Don’t mistake my hyperbolic whining for displeasure or ungratefulness. I’m actually pretty jazzed because this is a big deal! This is my third show at The Arts Gallery and all three times I solve the giant space problem by making an installation piece. Unlike the artist stereotype, I have created an exhaustive list of things to do and have hammered these tasks around what the holidays make possible/impossible. That means right now I’m ordering supplies, experimenting, and doing lots of research, writing, and promotion for the show.

Reflective glass beads, aluminum, vodka, and chocolate. All legitimate art-making materials.

I totally forgot to tell you that I’m on like, Insta now? So all of my pictures have to be you know, cute? So here’s some chocolate and vodka to dress up my materials? Before I put it up on Insta maybe you can tell me which photo looks better: dramatic warm or noir?

Noir version.

I’m going with the working title of “Intelligence” for the show because of the multiple meanings. While my previous show, Privacy World, smacked you in the face with ALL THE THINGS, this show will be a bit more pared down, quietly contemplative, and foreboding.

I don’t want to give too much more away. I’ll keep you guys posted as developments take place. Here’s a link to the gallery and show information: Intelligence

Until next time, stay warm and make sure you always use a fake birth date when signing up for anything online.

Love and privacy, ~S

PS. OMG Intsa! Twitter OMG! OMG Facebook! Follow, friend, like! (By the way… the irony of advocating for privacy while joining in all of this social media bullshit is not lost on me. It’s why it took me so long to join Insta. OMG. Hate it.)

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