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Furaidochikin Crossing: Weird Stuff 3

I keep coming across more stuff, and it’s weird.

Cat 1: Weird Stuff

It’s a cream puff store.

How did I miss actually buying something here? I will next time I come across one.

Squid. shudder… Osaka. shudder

I haven’t tried any dried or crunchy squid snacks. I suppose they’ll be fine if they’re not slimy.

Child advertising beer?

Just thought it was funny.


Creepy enough already!

Sounds like a conversation I kept trying to have with Ryder before he flew out here.

Staff person welcomed me over. Had no idea why I was taking the picture. I smiled and wished her a good day.

Tricked out, stickered up.

HAS to belong to a teenager out here.

Dead jellyfish washed up on the beach. They were spaced out about every 50-100 feet or so. I was walking barefoot. Gross.

Cat 2: Cool stuff

Cool staircase.

Local walked by and thought I was crazy for taking this picture.

This tiny motorcycle.

Had to be only about three feet tall at the seat.

LOVE this.

At shrines and temples you can purchase a tube with a rolled up fortune in it. If you don’t like it you can discard it by tying it to a tree. Then you buy another fortune and that’s the one that will come true instead. Money talks, even in the ethereal world.

What are these?

These were on the lower deck of the ferry where the cars park. The were affixed to the bar. I don’t know what they are but I just liked them as art objects.

Bike mod.

Both weird and cool. Someone’s clever idea to keep their arms from getting burned without having to wear a long sleeved shirt in the hot humid weather.

Told Ryder he was getting this shirt whether he liked it or not. I paid $5 for it. It was our favorite find at the used kimono store here in Itoshima.

Having a great time out here.

Love, Furaidochikin.

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According to the Internet, Tony Tony Chopper (aka “Cotton Candy Lover” Chopper) is a reindeer that ate the Hito Hito no Mi which allows him to turn into a human hybrid at will. He’s also a trained physician and pirate.

And now, somehow, I know less than I did when I looked that up.

I woke up to your comment. I told Ryder about it so he looked up a 5 minute intro to the cartoon. At first I was disappointed to find that it was a character but the more I learned about the cartoon the happier I became with the shirt again. It’s so bizarre! A pantless first mate? A perverted skeleton? A tiny reindeer doctor? I’m intrigued!

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