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Furaidochikin Crossing: More Cats

There’s just so many! Maybe I’m nutty about Japan because Japan gets nutty about things with the same fervor that I do.

This had to be expensive.

Saw this on my way to the famous udon shop in Takamatsu.

The magic of Pokemon Go.

It’s even an official pokestop. Imagine your own garden statue as a pokestop!?

Gotta do some karaoke here!

Oh yeah! Karaoke! I need to sing some things. I’ve been practicing.

Chillin and warm.

Oh! Wow! It’s so life-like!

Oh! It’s alive!

I know he’s in a car with the windows rolled up but it was a mild day and he was very happy. Also parked right in front of a cafe door. He was safe. I love that this person felt compelled to travel with their cat. I used to do that with Toulouse.

Saw this after the store was closed.

I did not buy it.

Sign for the cat cafe.

There was a cat cafe real close to where I was staying in Takamatsu!

I paid 300 yen ($3.00) for 15 minutes in the cafe one day. These are all of the cats that promptly ignored me.


At the sweet shop in Marugame. You know, the day I ate 6 daifuku and 3 cream puffs?

Another one.

But this time he’s holding a fish!

…and another.

But this time he’s half Daruma and half lucky cat! A bizarre combo. This was at the uchiwa museum in Marugame.

Didn’t buy this one. My bank account has limits.

Is he singing to mice? Is he about to eat mice? Is he singing about how he’s about to eat mice?

Sigh. Want.

These were at a local ramen shop. Ramen was mediocre.

Lucky cat family.

This will probably be the last post of the Maneki Neko unless I find one that’s exceptionally different. There’s just so many of them and they’re all pretty much the same.

Noodle cat.

You saw this in my udon post. Too cute.

That’s it for now! Getting busy out here! And by getting busy, I mean dancing hip hop with a bunch of 7 year olds! But really, I’m just now able to make fans because my bamboo had to soak for 5 days.

Love, Furaidochikin.

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