Furaidochikin Crossing: Cats

Just an image dump! I take pics of all of the cat stuff I see when meandering about. Japan really adores its cats! Probably another reason I love the culture so much. Enjoy!

I know, I know.
Pencil holder.

I tell you, the world would be an awesome place if we had black cats delivering our packages. Or maybe no packages would ever get delivered because they’d be too busy licking their butts. I tell you what though, if you order any bloodied small animal body parts, those are regularly delivered every morning without question.

Ok ok the company is called Yamato.
Kuro neko = Black cat
Ebony and ivory… live together in perfect harmony… side by side on my piano keyboard… oh lord, why don’t we?

I had asked if a black cat plushie was for sale when I was getting my luggage squared away. The woman who was helping me said “no” but then disappeared into the back can came back with this little cloth as a gift. <3

Another company I can get behind. Cats and bubble tea? Sign me up.
My new desktop wallpaper.
Nonara is a bubble tea chain from Korea. There’s one in Osaka and one in Harajuku.

I walked past this place a few times and there was a line about 30 cute Japanese girls long. Decided to see what this fuss was about. This was a baked brown sugar drink. It was pretty good. Not too sweet.

The straw goes into the black pearl that the kitten is holding.
Beautiful cat sign in Osaka.
Maneki-neko are everywhere. (That’s the lucky waving cat.)
Karaoke bar in Takamatsu.
Myaaaaaaaa! Angry unicorn cat!
Cats are strictly forbidden to ride bicycles in this park.

Reminds me of the invisible bike meme.

What a great drinking buddy. There are cream based sakes you know…
Neko in Kimono.
Might be my new favorite shirt.

I saw someone wearing this shirt here two years ago and wanted it so bad. I saw it in a store and approached a girl at the checkout counter and asked her to please explain the story of “Nyanprim” to me. She giggled all the way through it but I finally understand. It’s a parody of Supreme brand clothing and Nyan is the name of the cat I think. The Japanese changed the end of the word to “prim” instead of “preme” because it sounds more correct in their language.

I’ve got so many more cats for you I’m going to save them for a second post! Have a great day!

Love, Furaidochikin.

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