Fortune Cookie Art from the Lubbock Era

…I’m just too lazy to try to sort everything out by date after pulling it off of my old website.  Gonna post it by category.
* revision as of september 2014: Sue Anne’s lovely husband, Ryder, has hacked this site and finally posted Sue Anne’s images for her. By just to be ornery I didn’t do it by category.
*re-hacked by Ryder: why do you hate me and logic? 

The start of my first big creative spurt when I moved back to Lubbock was when I was invited by this adorable man to put a piece in the Day of the Dead show at the Art Depot.  I was teaching drawing and art appreciation at Texas Tech at the time, and I decided to do something I preach in all of my classes: combine your loves for major super awesome effects.  I love art.  I love fortune cookie fortunes.  Voila.  Fortune cookie fortunes inspired my work for many years to come.  This skull piece was was born in 2005.  OH YEAH!  It was called Lucky Stiff!!!  How could I forget that?

That adorable guy?  I jedi mind tricked him into marrying me, and we lived happily ever after.  Less talking more images…

art, fortune cookie, drawing, skull
…shit I can’t really remember what I titled this. I can’t be the only one with this problem…
Fortune cookie, sculpture, art
Says, “You never hesitate to tackle the most difficult problems.” Say! My husband can be difficult!
Fortune cookie, sculpture, art
Drug of choice you ask? Fortune cookie fortunes.
fortune cookie, art, sculpture
If I didn’t think I’d die of a brain tumor, I’d still be making these.
fortune cookie, drawing, art
Rose brand fortune cookie made of roses. 24×36
fortune cookie, art, drawing
You do know to add “in bed” to all of your fortunes, right?

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