Complete Class Restructure

Middle class income and lifestyles for alllllll!  Nope – not the kind of class I’m talking about. I came to a crazy realization this semester: I think a lot of my assignments suck. Let me stop you right there and assure you that it’s true. I’m sad that I’m just now having these insights so deeply into my teaching career.


Tanabata: A Spousal Adventure

Oh my gosh.  Did I tell you guys about the first real art collaboration between my husband and I?  Are you kidding me?  How did that happen?  Ok, well, trust me on this one.  If you don’t laugh at some point in the next five minutes, you might be a robot.  Take a hot bath to find out for sure.


The Syphilitic Art of Yesteryear

I sure am glad syphilis isn’t as much of a problem as it once was, as least in developed countries. There was time before antibiotics when syphilis was quite terrifying. I’ve seen images of tertiary syphilis and lost some sleep over it. It makes people lumpy.


How to title a book.

I love naming things. This is reason number 429 why I shouldn’t have kids. You see, I really like the name “Joaquin”. My husband doesn’t. So then I ask, “Ok what about Runneen, or maybe Swimmeen?” Eye roll and sigh. See? That poor kid would be bullied senseless, all because his mother thought it would be funny to name him Swimmeen Silver Speedo Richards. When I start up a new video game and it’s time to create a new character, I always spend a lot of time tweaking appearance and pouring over the ever-important name. This is a glorious moment. Love that shit. Oh and the cats? (AKA The Kets.) I spent two tireless and obsessive weeks researching name ideas.


Privacy World Video

Of course, this simply doesn’t replace the experience of being there.  If you’re in the gallery, you’ve signed your life away to the artist, eaten a questionable cookie, you’re being monitored by security cams, security guards, and a person in some creepy command center who keeps blurting out their interpretation of your facial expression.  In the end, everyone agreed that it was a fun and secure experience, except those who were made physically ill when they realized how reckless they’ve been with their information.  Enjoy!  


Privacy World Recap

Show is done.  Press is out. Click here for the Eutopia article. Click here for the Texas Arts and Culture article. Documentation done. Now is the time that my body should be shutting down and coming down with the consumption.  If you didn’t catch the show, you can watch the video I made about it. Click here to go to the Privacy World Mini Documentary. I’m also anticipating that some amazing forward thinking individual (hint hint – that means you) will insist that my show travel to your space for an encore showing.  I prefer European galleries, but I’ll settle for New York.   So much depends On your right to privacy Test your knowledge  


Fortune Cookie Art from the Lubbock Era

…I’m just too lazy to try to sort everything out by date after pulling it off of my old website.  Gonna post it by category. * revision as of september 2014: Sue Anne’s lovely husband, Ryder, has hacked this site and finally posted Sue Anne’s images for her. By just to be ornery I didn’t do it by category. *re-hacked by Ryder: why do you hate me and logic?  The start of my first big creative spurt when I moved back to Lubbock was when I was invited by this adorable man to put a piece in the Day of the Dead show at the Art Depot.  I was teaching drawing and art appreciation at Texas Tech at the time, and I decided to do something I preach in all of my classes: combine your loves for major super awesome effects.  I love art.  I love fortune cookie fortunes.  Voila.  Fortune cookie fortunes inspired my work for many years to come.  This skull piece was was born in 2005.  OH YEAH!  It was called Lucky Stiff!!!  How could I forget that? That adorable guy?  I jedi mind tricked him into marrying me, and we lived happily ever after.  Less talking more images…


Fun with the TTU Public Art Collection:

Having Some Fun with the Texas Tech Public Art Collection:          This is a video I made about 5 years ago.  The Travel Channel was looking for someone who could talk about art and (here’s the kicker) have a personality. Sadly, they could find no one, and they started combing the universities for possible matches.  I got the email and I had to give it a shot.          It was a family effort.  Mom, Mom-in-law, and Husband all played a part in it, and I am forever grateful.  Noted video producer extraordinaire Scott Thurman did the editing for me, and we submitted this to Central Talent Booking in fricking BEVERLY HILLS!  They loved it and sent it forward to the Travel Channel.  I just knew I had it in the bag until I got the call that told me I didn’t have it in the bag.  Crushed.  BUT, the lovely person on the phone that delivered the partially fatal blow, did tell me that she was surprised that they didn’t take me, and that I should find an avenue to pursue my new career in film.  When I told her that it was sweet of her to say, she told me that she wasn’t being sweet, but serious.  Wow.  Anyway – here it is in all of its glory.          Note: I did have to bend the truth a little about the casting process to fit my “demo reel” into the allotted time.


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