Around the World in 80 Days: Literally. (Prequel)

“I’d like to see you do it in eighty days.”  ~Mr. Stuart. I’m literally traveling around the world in 80 days. That wasn’t my goal and I didn’t plan to do it – it actually just unfolded that way. As I finalized my plane ticket purchases I realized that I’m actually flying the circumference of the world.  I mentioned this craziness to some students and they made a remark about the book, Around the World in 80 Days written by Jules Verne in 1873.  My eyes went wide as I attempted the math (I said wide not vacant… ok maybe a little vacant…), and being an artist I wasn’t doing the math quickly enough so several students in the room started adding with me.  My final ticket home hadn’t been purchased yet and I considered extending my stay abroad for a week or so, but discovering that I could actually travel around the world in 80 days cinched it. Eighty.  Days.  Boom. I don’t think I ever read the book.  I may have seen the movie but it didn’t leave a lasting impression.  You’d think I’d remember a movie with Jackie Chan in it.  My husband was coaxed into getting the book for me and I started researching.  Here’s the map from the fictional travels: And now, compare that to mine: IS THAT NOT ABSOLUTELY INSANE? My travel is as follows: Dallas -> Los Angeles -> Tokyo (with an excursion to the small town of Onishi where I’ll be attending the Shiro Oni Residency) -> Doha, Qatar -> Amsterdam (with an excursion to the small town of Renkum where I’ll be attending the Obras Holland Residency) -> Reykjavík, Iceland -> Newark -> Dallas. “But, Sue Anne, why are you doing this and what’s an art residency?” Oh jeez, dear reader, did


I Made Some Business Cards

I’ve had this idea floating around in my head for ages now and I’ve finally fulfilled it, but as it is with every project, I never anticipate how much work it will be.  The rule of thumb is that you estimate how much time it will take and then you multiply it by 3.  Welp.  I just worked my ass off.


Complete Class Restructure

Middle class income and lifestyles for alllllll!  Nope – not the kind of class I’m talking about. I came to a crazy realization this semester: I think a lot of my assignments suck. Let me stop you right there and assure you that it’s true. I’m sad that I’m just now having these insights so deeply into my teaching career.


Tanabata: A Spousal Adventure

Oh my gosh.  Did I tell you guys about the first real art collaboration between my husband and I?  Are you kidding me?  How did that happen?  Ok, well, trust me on this one.  If you don’t laugh at some point in the next five minutes, you might be a robot.  Take a hot bath to find out for sure.


The Syphilitic Art of Yesteryear

I sure am glad syphilis isn’t as much of a problem as it once was, as least in developed countries. There was time before antibiotics when syphilis was quite terrifying. I’ve seen images of tertiary syphilis and lost some sleep over it. It makes people lumpy.


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