Around the World in 80 Days: Day 1, Fluids

Travel tip: When flying, pack an empty water bottle to get through the security check then simply fill it up when you’re in the airport! Voila. Free water. My travel day started at 4AM. Up, dress, brush teeth, go. It was overcast and while I got dressed it sprinkled. Once I looked at my husband and said, “Ready?” the sky opened up and vomited water all over our yard, and street, and baby bunnies, and the barbecue pit, and me. It rained the whole way to the airport. This is Fluid #1. (There are no pictures in this post. If you need visuals, go ahead and do an image search for rain. It’s cool. I’ll wait.)


Tanabata: A Spousal Adventure

Oh my gosh.  Did I tell you guys about the first real art collaboration between my husband and I?  Are you kidding me?  How did that happen?  Ok, well, trust me on this one.  If you don’t laugh at some point in the next five minutes, you might be a robot.  Take a hot bath to find out for sure.


On Recreational Biting: A Ket Story

Ket One’s and Ket Two’s personalities are completely different. Ket Two is not all that interested in biting. You have to get him really worked up and even then his heart’s just not in it. His talent lies more in perfectly aimed droplets of room temperature drool.


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