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ATWI80D: Bonus Image Extravaganza, Love Hotels

As an apology for making you wait for my sushi post, I’m going to throw another image heavy post at ya.  Where I stayed in Shibuya, I was very close to a bunch of love hotels.  I took a different route to my breakfast spot and walked past several.  I took a picture of their “menus.”  Love hotels are not what you think.  (Well, maybe they’re what you think… a little…)  But I think their legitimate purpose is to give lovers (married or not) a private place to be intimate with each other.  Walls are thin here, you know, like… paper… and if you live with a bunch of family you don’t have much privacy when you want to express your love to your partner.  Prices are set up for a “rest” which is a couple of hours, or a “stay” which is overnight.  Enjoy!



Bonus images in the bonus post.  These boxer shorts were designed to provide extra warmth to all man parts.

Love, ~S

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