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Around the World in 80 Days: Day 72, Dutch Weird Stuff 3.

Lots going on over here.  Gearing up to leave for Eindhoven to see Dutch Design Week 2017 in all its innovative glory and just finished sending my residency application off to Barcelona.  Fingers crossed on that one.  I have a little time to throw a super short weird stuff post at ya…. but it’s actually all cool stuff.

Chinese lanterns grow here.  I freaking love these.

Fabric at Droog.  It was a blanket.  I didn’t dare look at the price but I’d love to be warming myself under it right now.  Did I mention it was cold here?  (It’s probably cold where you are right now too though…)

A show I’m just not going to have the time or money to see.  I’m super sad about that but happy to see how much Star Wars is alive over here.

Sorry for the dark pic.  I took a walk in the cold in the morning at about 8 under rainy skies.  I had hoped to eat breakfast at a bread place in the center of town but the farther I walked I noticed that there was absolutely no movement from the town.  It was Sunday.  They take Sundays very seriously here.  It dawned on me that the bread store might not be open.  It wasn’t.  At least I can wash my dog 24/7 in front of a giant windmill though.  (Windmill not pictured… because… dark.)

I finally slowed down in front of the candy aisle at the local grocery store.  There was this whole series of automotive gummy candy and licorice.  I almost walked away empty handed… but I couldn’t bear it.  I was too curious.

I had to get the total loss automotive gummies.  It was just too funny.  I didn’t have a working translator so I was convinced that these were wine flavored.  I’m going to string all of that together in a sentence so that you can enjoy how weird it sounds: I think I just bought wine flavored total loss automotive gummies.

Absurd smacking indeed.  They were not wine flavored, though one of the halves of one of the cars tastes like cassis.

Here’s a few pieces of candy.  Volkswagen Bug licorice FTW!

Definitely fattening myself up for the coming winter.



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