Around the World in 80 Days: Day 71, Back to A’dam.

This could be another weird/cool stuff post but I’m just going to go with A’dam 2.  I took this trip with friend, Eleonora Tammes, another gracious Dutch artist willing to spend her day with me.  (Big shout out to Eleonora for understanding every privacy related topic I threw at her.  She doesn’t have a smart phone and she pretty much stays off of the internet.  The downside of this is that she doesn’t have a current website I can show you.)  We spent the day looking at art and ducking into coffee sh… places where you drink a cup of coffee to avoid sudden downpours of rain.  This will be my last trip to Amsterdam with the exception of heading to the airport to fly home on Halloween.  I realized it costs me at least $40 to go each time.  It’s getting expensive…

I did see a show that “extra special” inspired me and I have plans to write about it after I get home.  It moved my soul.  I felt it physically.  Stay tuned for that one!  Got lots of pics and I’m researching the artist but I’m leaving it out of this post.  Don’t worry – got good stuff for ya.

All bathroom signs should look like this.  This is usually how bad I have to go by the time I find a bathroom while traveling.  (‘Cept in Japan of course.  It’s crazy when you don’t have to use the bathroom for 6 whole weeks.)

Part of an art installation we went to.  Love see-through materials.

Giant iridescent glove.

A photography gallery we went to had a show about Japan.  I cannot escape it.  Eleonora said that the Dutch have ties to Japan.  Will have to investigate.

The artist put hilarious phrases on these rough clay slabs.  Unusual combination of materials and ideas.

Very old restoration in a tiny ancient courtyard.

Eleonora told me that this wooden tower was also very old.  She gave me lots of history and it’s all blending together now but I believe she said 13th century.

Dutch decorating for Halloween.

She pointed to this alcove and said this was a typical Dutch thing to do.

She didn’t need to tell me that this was Dutch.  This window display practically screams Dutch phrases like, “Je is moeder is een hoer!”  Makes me want to buy things.

Another not so Dutch window display.  Also makes me want to buy things.

Nice contrast between images.

Crazy graffiti near the University.

Statue inside of the University grounds.


Oooooo this is DROOG.  Droog is a design shop that is awesome.  I actually recognized many things in the shop from art and design magazines I’ve perused in the past.  They have COOL stuff.  Here’s a taste of Droog and a teaser for the upcoming Dutch Design week.  I loved all of the clothes I saw there but they averaged about $1000 a piece.

Thrift store clothes made into a chair.  I’m tempted to try this at home.

This was a fish tank in the adjoining restaurant.

The fish was actually eating off of the table.

This seemed to be a meeting room of some sort.  Inspiring.

Our water bottle.  So beautiful.  Makes me go, “Why don’t I do this at home?”

Eleonora had tea.  They serve it in their “tea for one” teapot, which is a teapot cut in half.

This was the end of our day in Amsterdam.  We had a blast.  I am so grateful for the guide, the company, and the culture!




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