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Around the World in 80 Days: Day 57, The Monster Cafe

Japan has a lot of themed cafes and restaurants. It seems like the very first place I would be interested in (aside from a cat cafe) would be the Robot Restaurant. Uh. Sure – if there were actual robots operating the restaurant. This place looked hugely overstimulating, so I gave it a big no go. There are also maid cafes, a vampire cafe, owl cafes, hedgehog cafes, etc. I opted for the Monster Cafe in Harajuku and I essentially took one for the team. It was overpriced, the food tasted like chemicals (What was I expecting?), the service was bad, and the entertainment was annoying.

I’ll tell you what I did get out of it though: really good pictures. Enjoy.

It was 500 yen just to enter. It was here that I knew I was in trouble but I was just too curious.

When these kids entered they all went, “Whoaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!” Curiosity piqued.

This is what they saw when they entered. Is this all it takes?

I was tempted to order a black hamburger.

But the artist’s palette is the reason I came.

Here’s mine.

My green tea shake.

View from my seat.

Really the Monster Cafe had very little to do with monsters.

Salvador Dali would have loved it though.


Lounge to the side.

Lights surrounding the bar.

Different colors.


Nice cluster of lights.

If I think about it a paying $30 to see a crazy art installation it makes it a little better, but I wouldn’t recommend that you go.



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