Around the World in 80 Days: Day 22, Rocks

Onishi seems to be known for its rocks.  I wish I knew more about it but the information center here does not have an English translation of the town history.  Intel is slowly getting released to me though, so I might be able to edit it in later.  There are piles of rocks everywhere.  I also nearly get run over by large, wide trucks full of crushed rocks on a regular basis.  There are several stone dealers here and I ride past lots of crazy views every day and wanted to share them with you.  Thinking of you, Brett and Shannon!

A view of one of the dealers.

Some stones get sliced and polished for benches and tables.

…or sliced and polished for something more macabre.

The local graveyard.

The size and color of these rocks are amazing.

Here they are even bigger!  See how big they are?  Too big for the camera.  Wow these stones are big.  Look at the color too.  Those aren’t even wet.  Kidding aside, the red one on the left is about 10 feet tall.

Something like this might also turn up at a graveyard.

A closeup.

An army of baby Buddhas.  Damn sausage hand.  Sorry!

Leetle cubes!

Leetle cubes in 3D!  And color!  And these aren’t even wet!

A monument to the lion that attacked Picasso.

Not sure what this is for but it was about 25 feet tall.

Wanted to get more shots of these guys but I couldn’t because these fucking things were flying around.  They are deadly.  (Just when I got over my fear of bees.)

I leave you with a happy sounder of swine.



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