Around the World in 80 Days: Day 16, The Weird Stuff 2

More cool/weird stuff while I get a little downtime.

Cat 1: Weird Stuff

Fish sausage.  Ground fish and wheat.  It wasn’t my dish, but I got to try them.  They weren’t bad!

I’ve seen this before but this was the first time I tried it.  We decided it was the sweat of a really nervous samurai.  Samurai tastes like gatorade.

Nothing weird about multiple flavors of xylitol gum, until…

…you get a bonus pack of post-it notes in your container.

Left myself a bunch of reminders to eat more gum.  Also keeping track of the gum I eat.  So useful!  (Actually, these are papers provided to dispose of your chewed gum.  I was disappointed to discover the truth, but I did make some adorable Japanese people laugh when I told them of my surprise gift in my gum container.)

I have no idea what these are, but the guy on the front is hilarious.  His face is a mix of determination and regret.  Didn’t buy these.

Seasoned lotus chips.  I ate the crap out of these.

Add one more nightmarish reason I don’t have kids.

Squid… candy?  More likely dried squid chews.  I bought it, but I think I’ve learned my lesson as far as actually consuming it goes, or have I?

Cat 2: Cool Stuff

Black q-tips.

No really.

I’ll tell you one thing: I do not miss seeing the color of what comes out of my ears.

Yes, I know.  Girl use black q-tips to take care of it.

Black cat candy packet.  Inside are little bright blue candies the size of seed beads.  They remind me of nerds.  Questions.  Why blue fruit candy in a black cat?  Is this what black cats taste like?  Are black cats made of tiny blue candies?  This would explain so many things.

That’s it!

Japanese hugs!  (Essentially a bow with no eye contact),



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