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Around the World in 80 Days: Day 14, Night Walker

Everywhere I look in Onishi, I find art, something beautiful.  On my walks home from evening art events I noticed there were some very photographic moments and last night I decided to head out just to take photos.  There was hardly anyone around, just like in the early morning, though I did hear much more activity behind closed doors: a tv, an evening conversation, laughing in a small restaurant, and a drum class.  Yes.  Drum class.  I’m not sure of the style of music but I think they are using Taiko drums.  Enjoy this exotic town at night with me!

Outside of the kitchen/dining room door of the residency.

Plants completely covering a structure over a local’s patio.  I saw it during the day too.  It’s super cool.

Someone’s storefront workshop illuminated at night.

Add one more thing that makes me scream and roll around on the ground.  There’s these concrete or maybe stone thingies that are illuminated from within.  I LOVE them.

Local liquor store.

Lovely silver motorcycle cover.

YAY video.  Cool construction lights.

A Y in the street nearby.

Fashionable poster.

The sushi shop.  Animated conversations.  It probably had something to do with squid.

One of the many drink vending machines you’ll find on every block.

Friendly evening street.

A large night blooming flower.  Moths pollinate these.

A restaurant hidden in an alley.  Will have to try it!

No shortage of romantic streets here.

Screeeeeam!  Thud.  “Ow!”  Roll, roll, roll.

An illuminated building right at a sharp curve in the street.  It probably says, “Do not hit me.”

Love this geometric shadow.  This is cast by a convex mirror.  There are mirrors like this all over the allies here because they are so narrow.  There are no stops signs, and pedestrians and cyclists share these roads with cars.

Last but not least, the drum class.  I am in love with this town.




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